A Busy Day in the ELCA

Today's Photo taken this morning in my yard: "Deliciously Blue"

The ELCA stands for: The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. I am a member and soon-to-be-officially-ordained-pastor of the ELCA. In general, I'm a big fan of the ELCA.

Over the past week, members and leaders of the ELCA have been having their National Assembly in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They come together, worship, pray, and vote about lots of issues. This year, they voted to support a social statement on human sexuality, to support international programs fighting AIDS and malaria. Right now, as I type this, voting members of the assembly are voting on some specific issues regarding affirmation of partnered gay couples and partnered gay clergy.

This is a big day for the ELCA. So far, two of the resolutions have passed.

Many feel this is a very exciting day for the Church. Others feel that the Church is going bananas. I personally feel that today is a profound opportunity for the ELCA, its members, and its leaders.

We are free today - to look forward - to look into a bright, hopeful, beautiful future - to lead and live like Jesus leads and lives. Looking back, being crabby, letting our human fears get the best of us, saying hurtful or angry words - none of these actions are going to help share the gospel. None of these actions are going to change the reality that tomorrow is a new and different day. And the best option is quite clear: to embrace it with open arms.

May it indeed be so.


  1. As a Presbyterian I am proud of the ELCA - even more so that you have found a way to stay in conversation in the midst of difficult issues. I hope that other main line protestant denominations can learn from you all.

  2. I can never understand how churches preach "love your neighbor" and then discriminate. So I applaud the ELCA on their vote!