This Week's Column

Good afternoon! I continue to write a weekly column for the Rochester Post-Bulletin (heading into year 9 of weekly column writing). I'm going to begin sharing the column link here on the blog each week for those who are interested. 

This week's column is about RBG and civic engagement.


COVID-19 Resources

Dear Ones,

What a month it has been. I'm working on pulling together a variety of resources related to navigating COVID-19 spiritually, physically and professionally. I'll keep adding to these lists.

Grace and peace,

Post-Bulletin "Holy Everything" Columns Related to Pandemic:
  • Be graceful with yourself in uncertain times (link
  • What it means to be a good neighbor (link
Spiritual and Meditation Resources:
  • Blessing in the Chaos by Jan Richardson (link
  • Praise Song for the Pandemic by Christine Valters Paintner (link
  • Resources from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (link
  • Sylvia Boorstein’s Lovingkindness Meditation (link
  • Tara Brach resources (link
  • Resources from "Spirituality and Practice" (link
  • Resource list from the Rochester Meditation Center (link
  • A Litany for Lament (link
  • Fear meditation from Ram Dass (link
  • Three Tips from a Therapist for Calming Your Coronavirus Anxiety (link
  • Leonie Dawson's Quarantine Planner (link
Congregational Leadership and Stewardship-Related Resources:
  • Great resources from SW MN Synod (link
  • Resources from ALDE (link
  • Leadership in the Time of Corona by Joan Garry (link
  • Financial-related resources from the Saint Paul Area Synod (link
For Fun: 
  • Public domain coloring book (link
  • The Cornell Lab birding guide (link
Exercise and Wellness:
  • Core Power Yoga (link


Negativity Bias

Ever heard of negativity bias?

It's a tendency that influences us all and the focus of this week's column:

Post Bulletin link.


Please leave a review!

Hello and January greetings!

Favor request: if you've read or perused "Holy Everything," would you please leave a review on Amazon? You don't need to have purchased it through Amazon. Anyone can leave a review for any book regardless of how and where it was purchased.

Your reviews are really helpful in two ways: 1) They help me get a better understanding of how and where the book is being used and what's resonating for you, and 2) reviews boost the book's digital presence on Amazon and its likelihood of showing up in recommendation lists.

To leave a review, click this link: http://bit.ly/holyeverythingreview

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Thank you!



Thank you for all the "Holy Everything" support over the past 6 months. Over 500 copies have been sold!

I've heard from a few folks who are planning on giving copies to friends and family for the holidays. Thank you for that! Depending on your preferences, here are a few options:
  1. If you'd like a personalized/signed copy, please order from me directly for $18.25 ($15/book + $3.25/shipping+envelope). I'll send it to you or your preferred friend/family member through the mail: Contact me directly through email to select this option; you'll use this link for payment and then email me your preferred physical mailing address.
  2. Order through Amazon (where it's available in print and digital formats): Holy Everything
  3. Order through Barnes and Noble: Holy Everything
I've now created an accompanying study guide with 2-3 questions to go with every essay. Click here.

Thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement!


Saturday Event at Denver Public Library

Book of Acts: Complete & Advent resources

Good evening! We're now in Advent! I have a few Advent links for you.
Advent illumination to you, dear ones. I pray these tools and reflections will be a blessing to you a long the way.
And also a quick summary of what all those Bible photos were about throughout November. At the beginning of the month, I invited readers of the "Holy Everything" Post-Bulletin column to join me on a journey through the book of Acts using the Swedish marking method. Here's a link to that column. I learned a lot along the way, and if you were along for the ride, I hope the adventure was meaningful for you, too!