"You might want to blog about soup."

Today's photo: "Dinner"

I am now back home in Iowa. I will preach at my home congregation in Independence, Iowa this weekend! I'm also hoping to find time to get together with a few friends and their adorable babies.

The roadtrip home was quite fantastic. I listened to Ani DiFranco and podcasts the whole way. Two episodes I must recommend of This American Life: 1) Separated at Birth and 2) Pro se. They are both very good. And two Ani songs that I am currently infatuated with: 1) Manhole and 2) Subdivision.

I wasn't sure what to write about on the ol' blog today. My mom said, "You might want to blog about soup." She said this because I've already mentioned soup on several occasions since I got home a few hours ago. So, I think I'll take my mom's advice and complete my first blog entry on the topic of soup. And while it seems like a silly question - it could be pretty fun if you all respond, so:

What is your favorite kind of soup??????

It would be fantastic if you take a moment to reply! Let's see how many kinds of soup we can get posted as a comment! Ready, set, go!

I'll go first: Campbell's Minestrone.


  1. Campbell's Bean and Bacon

  2. Anything lentil-y and/or with a tomato base!

    side note: one of my college roommates always pronounced it MINE-strone, the first syllable like "I work in a coal mine." We could never get her to pronounce it correctly, and so we started calling it MINE-strone, too. Now I'm always afraid I'm going to accidentally pronounce it that way around people who wouldn't know the back story, and they'll think I'm weird.

  3. I never used to be a soup person, only really loving broccoli cheese. But now chicken chili is a close 2nd!

  4. My parents have this broccoli soup recipe that is out of this world . . . I really need to get ahold of it!

  5. I just listened to separated at birth . . . wow.