Tears on a beautiful day.

Today's photo: "Ani"

I had a really beautiful day. So I don't exactly have an explanation for the tears streaming down my cheeks. I don't have the Internet at home, so I am over at the school sitting in an empty public study area listening to music that makes me weep while I attempt to write a blog entry about how great today has been. Life sometimes feels like one big, beautifully ironic series of contradictions after another.

Today I laughed a lot with my learning partner Elif during our English session. She is hilarious and humble. These are two of my favorite qualities, and when these qualities are combined into a single human - the results are generally quite spectacular. Wouldn't you agree?

This evening two amazing women came and visited me in Hyde Park for some soul-nourishing quality time. We walked and visited a book shop and ate. Then, my friend let me borrow one of most incredible creations - a double CD set of Ani DiFranco! It's quite life-changing. And I'm not even past song 6 yet. I got stuck on song 3 "You Had Time" which I am now listening to on repeat. And, as you might remember, I have been known to listen to songs on repeat for weeks. So, it might take a bit to get through both CDs. It's amazing.

So, like I said, today was quite terrific. And maybe it's alright to shed a few tears on such a beautiful day - in honor of it all.

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