Core Desired Feelings

Hey there! It's a snowy Thursday night here in Rochester. I hope that you are cozy whenever and wherever you're reading this!

A few months back I believe I shared with you about "The Desire Map" by Danielle LaPorte. It's a great book/workbook resource. The author invites a person to get real and in-touch with the actual feelings they are most interested in feeling. Instead of big lists of random goals based on who knows what, LaPorte instead encourages her audience to focus on what they, as individuals, most want to feel...and then build their life plans and aspirations around achieving those feelings.

She calls them "Core Desired Feelings."

Back in December, I zeroed closely into the words "free" and "curious." I had two other words in addition which I liked a lot at the time but no longer feel quite right. I've been listening to her audio series called "Fire Starters," and there are some prompts that led me to my current core desired feelings. LaPorte says that you are free to change them when you want to change them. I think she said she reevaluates hers once a year. But there are really no rules. You can choose the words that are right for you when you want to do so.

My current core desired feelings are: free, curious, courage, and purpose. These are the emotions I want to feel coursing through my veins every day!

How about you? What are your core desired feelings? LaPorte recommends focusing on 3-5 of them. 

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