Friday night

It's FRIDAY! I'm headed into a big ol' weekend and it's going to be great!

Tomorrow is RENEW! - an annual synod event. This year's theme is "The Dance of Radical Hospitality." The planning crew has done an outstanding job putting this together! With the impending inclement weather, folks discerned that our best bet would be to shift to an abbreviated version of the event. That way attendees will still get to enjoy each part of the agenda AND get out before the snow starts falling. Hopefully it all works out as intended.

Then Sunday I'm pulpit supplying down at a 2-point congregation near the Iowa boarder! The congregations will soon be getting their new pastor and won't need back-up coverage anymore. It has been a joy to work with them now and then over the last couple years. I'm excited for their new pastor, and I'm excited for them! It will be a great, beautiful thing for these families of faith to have the consistent presence of a pastor in their midst.

For the last month or so I've been using PicMonkey to create photo collages with some of my old images. I post them on Instagram, and I think I'll share them here, too. It's a small creative outlet and an enjoyable way to revisit my photography over the last decade. I've also been experimenting with incorporating public domain images into the backgrounds, too. This one is a combo of a sunset photo I took a few years back during a trip to Florida, a beach walking shadow pic of Mom and I, and a public domain image of a flower drawing from the 18th century!

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