I hope you're having a wonderful summer! It has been quite awhile since I linked to the recent Post-Bulletin columns. Here are the last several:

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Be Still

Be Still is ready for you!

Here's the link: http://bit.ly/bestillmay2018

Also - here's a cool resource for families about unplugging this summer: 


God soup

Source: Unsplash
When encountering a faith community or person whose spiritual life is different from your own, it doesn’t seem helpful to start from a place of judgment. Instead, what if we opt to begin from a place of compassion? What if we start by simply acknowledging the reality that there are different ways to see the world and make sense of it? 
Let me say concretely: this approach doesn’t mean we all need to passively adopt one another’s perspectives. Far from it! No one is asking us to just combine all our beliefs, creeds, and commitments into one big bowl so we’re left with a bland pot of God stew. No thanks. I don’t want to eat that soup, and I doubt you do either.
-A passage from this week's Post-Bulletin column; here's the link to the full reflection 


Spiritual Practice of Worship

The last stop of the Lenten series! Worship as a spiritual practice. 

This year's Lenten series for the Post-Bulletin focused on spiritual practices. It was such a meaningful journey for me and I pray for readers, too. The interviews and visits and experiences that led to the composition of the series were all a true blessing, and I am so grateful to all who participated. 


Spiritual practice of Silence

Good afternoon! Thanks to all who have signed up for my new forthcoming monthly newsletter "Be Still." If you'd like to receive it in your inbox, just visit http://www.emilyannecarson.com and click the button! The first edition will be coming out in the not-too-distant future.

Here's a link to this week's Post-Bulletin column about the spiritual practice of silence: link. There's one week left in the series! It has been a wonderful adventure; I've really appreciated the opportunity to connect with so many awesome folks in our community.


Transition to Digital Newsletter

Hey friends,

I'm transitioning from blogging to creating of monthly digital newsletter. Sign up by visiting http://www.emilyannecarson.com and then hitting the newsletter button.

The monthly newsletter will be called "Be Still" with content related to spiritual practices, photography, contemplation, books, and music!

I spend a lot of my work days at a computer living out my vocation in ways that I find really meaningful and fulfilling. But with so much screen time, I'm feeling a pull to spend less of my non-working hours on a computer/cell phone. And, quite honestly, with the current rhythms of life and freelance writing and other responsibilities, I'm having a hard time fitting blogging into my routines in a way that doesn't just feel like I'm posting randomly for the sake of posting so I can stay connected to you!

Then I remembered: Hey Emily, there are other ways to stay connected! How about a chill, thoughtful monthly newsletter! Yes! Let's do that! 

Blogging will still be in the background (especially to share columns and #powersheets and that kind of thing) but I think...at least for a time, this new newsletter might be a way for me to write and stay without having to be on a computer/cell phone every day in my non-working time.

I hope you'll sign-up and join me!



Winter Scenes

Some snaps from a recent winter hike with Finn and Justin...(and an eagle).