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Good morning! As I revisit the habit of regular blogging (to discern whether I want to cultivate it), I'm going to go back to the original style of this blog. Updates on life. Thoughts on random topics. Photography. Poetry. It used to bring me a lot of joy to curate and maintain this space; I'm not sure if it still will. But I'm thinking I'd like to give it a try. Thanks for joining me!

Last night was my monthly book group. We discussed the book "The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry." We laughed a lot last night which felt great! The book is a good one and one that ended up leading to meaningful and far-reaching conversation.

Another update: Justin and I recently went to see Black Panther! Have you seen it? We both really liked the film on a lot of levels. The storyline is powerful. Meaningful contemporary topics are explored. It is visually gorgeous. I'm generally not a *huge* fan of superhero movies, but my affinity for them has been on the rise in recent years! Black Panther is a great movie to see in the theater! There were several points in the film when I got really misty-eyed just thinking about how impactful and important and beautiful it was to see so many African American actors on the screen in roles in which they have agency and power. 

And a little clip from the weekend's New York Times below. It's a brief article and explores the topic of forgiveness. The underlines are just a couple parts I found particularly meaningful. I've heard a lot of different definitions of forgiveness over the years. I like the idea that forgiveness is abandoning the anger.

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