Mr. Bear and Mike & Ike

It felt good to be back at work today, but I sure missed Alaska!  
The air there was so fresh and crisp!

It's already getting dark here in Minnesota - at 9pm!
What happened to the land of the midnight sun?

I'm having a blast looking through all the pics and figuring out which ones to share.  I'm especially enjoying the pics from Seldovia. That's the place we hiked in the rainforest on my birthday.  We didn't see any bears at the time, but I just can't shake the feeling that one of them will show up in my photos.  

As I was looking tonight, I noticed something....

Check out the top right corner....


Do you see what I see?

And now - some of the highlights as seen by Mike and Ike - my piglets!



Kim, the hostess of the Bed and Breakfast where we stayed in Seward, collected pigs! They are a symbol of health in Korean culture. You can imagine how excited Mike and Ike were to meet all their Alaskan cousins!

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