A Bear?

Hello!  I'm back in Minnesota!  My mom and I were in Alaska from Wednesday to Monday and it was a DELIGHT BEYOND WORDS. I can't wait to share all kinds of photos and highlights with you in the days ahead.  In the meantime, it's about 2am, and I need to go to bed and be ready to be back to work in the morning.

But first, I just have to hear your opinion.  On June 15th, my mom and I traveled by boat from Homer to Seldovia to explore the community for the day.  I am so excited to tell you about this mystical, beautiful place in a longer post later in the week.

While there for the afternoon, we traveled all by ourselves on a trail that's known as a hot-spot for all kinds of wildlife and beauty. It as truly wonderful. We eventually made it to the beach and snapped all kinds of neat pics. Here are a few unedited shots...

After our Seldovia adventure, we got back onto the ferry to return to Homer.  As we got back on the boat, Mom said, "I just know there were bears in that forest." And I said, "You think?"

I suddenly had a feeling that maybe one of them would be in the background of a photo I had snapped - but perhaps hadn't even realized in the moment.

Our amazing, wonderful, creative, fantastic Bed and Breakfast host, Marcella, said that there are certainly bears in Seldovia, and it would not be all that rare to come upon one on the trail we were navigating.  (I can't wait to tell you more about Marcella and her B & B - but that will have to come in the days ahead.  If you ever go to Homer, you MUST STAY THERE!)

So here are the potential "bear" pics....

It was VERY misty and beautiful and mysterious.  This is taken from the rocks, looking back at the land.  No bears to be seen here, right?  But look more closely.....

What do you think?  Are my eyes deceiving me?
Or is that perhaps a black bear peeking over at us from the grasses?  

(I didn't take this pic - it's just for a point of reference of what a black bear would look like and stand like)


  1. Difficult to say if this is a bear or not. I tried blowing up the photo, but got too pixelated to see anything. There seems to be too much light coloring to be a black bear's head .... typically only their nose is lighter. Either way, I'm sure the bears definitely caught you and your mom on "their" camera!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time and took some great pics. Happy Belated Bday!