Updates and pics...

Hello and a joyful Wednesday to you.  Here are some updates!

1.  Do you enjoy the adventures of the little piglets, Mike and Ike?  Then be sure to check the new link on the side banner: "The Piglet Chronicles" and bookmark your browsers.  Whenever they have an adventure, I'll be sure to post a photo....probably a few times a week.

The web address is: http://pigletchronicles.tumblr.com/  They exercised tonight in Rochester!  Be sure to check it out!

2.  A few months back I made a SPAM recipe with my sprouts.  Guess what?  SPAM turned it into a real recipe card for their customers!  How fun!  Here it is...

3.  Here's a link to this week's column: Thoughts on Turning 30

4.  More Alaska pics!

Seldovia (aka....mysterious bear island....aka....my new favorite place on earth)

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