Thankful Thursday

Good morning!

First off: please dig through the photos on your cell or Ipad or camera and see if you have any photos that resemble "rain."  I received one person's submissions so far, and I'd love to hear from you.  Have any rainy pics?  Please share.

Last night was the Stewartville High School Baccalaureate service.  The local ministerium sponsors it, and all involved did a great job.  It was so neat to see the senior's in the caps and gowns, preparing to transition into a new life chapter.  It made me very nostalgic!  Time flies!

So when I got home, I grabbed my guitar.  In high school, I played guitar a lot!  In college, too.  But since then, I pick it up just a few times per year.  The first song I ever played in front of people was "Sway" by Bic Runga.  "What on earth is that song?" you may be asking.  

It's from the soundtrack of the movie American Pie.  I played it for the Dunkerton High School talent show in 1999.  Last night I found the chords online and played it again.  I haven't played it for about 14 years, so I'm pretty rusty.  But it sure was exciting to find the chords and strum it again.  What songs/musicians did you love in high school?  

Here's the awesome real version:

Here's the completely rusty cover version:

My Thankful Thursday list includes:

-4th grade baseball game
-Getting to play with 2.5-year-old Jose at the baseball game
-Productive meetings
-Tiny house progress
-Excitement to see my uncle and cousin on Saturday!!!
-Nature hikes

PS: Please share your TT list!  And your rain pic.  Have a lovely day!

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