Tiny House Update & Word of the Week: Rain

First off: HAPPY FRIDAY! Good morning. I hope you have a wonderful day! Tomorrow I'm heading to Iowa for the day to see my uncle and cousin from Las Vegas.  I am THIS excited!!!!

Next up: do you know of any people who have some extra land they would rent to me for a year?  1/2 acre? 1/4 acre? Probably out in the country but not in a super remote area. Within 30 miles of Stewartville would be ideal. Electricity and water would be nice but not imperative.

What? Did I just say electricity and water would be nice but not imperative. Yes, I did say that. Electricity and water would be great, but I will figure something out even if they aren't an option. For electricity, I'm hoping that with good planning, solar energy could at least be possible. My primary electricity needs: small hot water heater, charging for cell phone, and heat in the winter (which could also utilize propane). A way to use my juicer would be nice, too. Internet will probably be a library luxury, and maybe that wouldn't really be so bad. So many places do offer free Wi-Fi these days.

I currently use electricity constantly, but I don't think I'd need to use it as often as I do. As for water, I have a lot more research to do. Have you heard of rainwater collection systems? Seems smart.

Look at this neat project: Northwestern Tiny House Project

Let me know if you have any leads on land for rent.

The tiny house vision is progressing with some good leads. Since the first time I mentioned it here on the blog, I've received some great feedback and emails. Thank you! And for those who think this idea is bananas, that's okay, too. I understand. A year ago I would have thought this ideas was bananas. I mean, come on. I had a blog feature called: "The Pastoral Fashionista!"  A fashionista in a tiny house using a composting toilet, using filtered rain water? A lover of shoes and outfits downsizing all her belongings to fit into 125 square feet?

I get it. It sounds really strange.

A little background: I'm truly not trying to make any "statement" with this whole idea. I love all kinds of homes, large and small. I love historic mansions. I love family homes. I love old hotels. I love houseboats. I love beach houses. Shelter in all forms is awesome. I love electricity and water and sewer systems. But I take them all for granted, and I rarely stop to consider their long-term implications.

I have not been a particularly eco-friendly human for the past 29 years. I am an avid-over-consumer of all things. Tiny houses are not practical for most people, and I don't think everyone should go out and live in one.  I'm not trying to be weird or instantly become eco-Emily.

Instead: I am just trying to follow a nudge in my gut from the Holy Spirit. Truly. At the core of this idea, I'm trying to be open to an opportunity to learn, grow, and share.

Generally, I over-analyze most everything and am completely indecisive. But I haven't felt that way about the tiny house project. I don't know where this path will lead, but I do know I've already learned a lot. And I think there's more to be learned.

I might like to live a tiny life long-term, but I also like the idea of starting with a 1-year experiment. Even if you think this is an awful idea, I hope you'll still be supportive. I'm one of the most risk-averse people out there; I avoid risks most of the time. But this journey seems a risk worth taking.

And now, it's time to make it rain!  Here are today's rain pics. Thanks for submitting them, folks!










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