St. Rose of Viterbo Convent, Chocolate heaven, Cheese, and WHEELS!

Do you like convents?  I do!  Do you like to learn about the history of super faithful ladies who do all they can to share God's love and care for creation?  I do!

Today I'd like to tell you about a very special place: St. Rose of Viterbo Convent in La Crosse, Wisconsin.  My column in today's Post-Bulletin is about my special experience there last week, and as soon as it goes up on the PB site, I'll post a link here.

{Here is the PB Column for today}

This place is so sacred and beautiful!  Did you know you can go and tour convents and historic churches, and it's usually for free?  Do it!  I learned a lot of great La Crosse history as well as history about the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration.  At least two sisters at a time have been praying non-stop in a chapel in the convent since August 1, 1878.  1878!! That is mega-years of praying without ceasing.


The tulips outside the chapel were beautiful!

Before the tour began, I took a moment to pretend to be St. Francis. 

Moses and the burning bush.

Say hello to Marilyn, the super wonderful tour guide!

The last stop on the tour was the Chapel of Perpetual Adoration. It was a very moving experience! Inspiring and beautiful.

I HIGHLY recommend at visit to the St. Rose of Viterbo Convent!

Bonus pic: THE BEST DESSERT EVER. It's the only dessert on the menu at The Wine Guyz in La Crosse. Could someone please pay me to eat desserts and take photos of them? Also, was anyone interested in building that tiny house with me that I mentioned yesterday?{crickets chirping}  

But seriously, if you want to help me build a tiny house {or you feel suddenly compelled to fund the project}, let's go for it! I can offer you.....a letter from my typewriter, a look at my stamp collection, and a personalized Bible study for you and your friends! :)

While at the winery, I also got a free block of cheese to review here on the blog from a Wisconsin creamery!  There was a beer and cheese tasting going on, and I was chatting it up with the cheese guy. While chatting, he brought up that he and his girlfriend are foodies and love to come up with new recipes. I said, "Do you read any food blogs?"  And he said, "Yes, a few. I like Iowa Girl Eats."  

And I exclaimed, "Me, too!  It's one of my daily reads!"

Then I said, "I have a blog, but it's not really about food or awesome recipes. And not that many people read it."  Somehow these were the exact right words to speak!

He reached into his cooler and pulled out a block of fancy cheese!  He said, "Write about it and send me the link."

I tried to play it cool and act like this was something that happens to me all the time.  But inside I was like, "FREE CHEESE!  FREE CHEESE!"

I'll tell you more about the actual cheese this weekend.  I still haven't found enough words to describe good cheese to write a full post.  My reviewing skills leave a lot to be desired at this point.

PS: I haven't yet revealed this week's Word of the Week!  It's WHEEL! Quick!  We've only got two days! Take a wheel pic and email me. I'll share the full spread of wheel photos on Friday.

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