Thankful Thursday

Good morning!
Could you please send me a photo of a wheel?
Car wheel? Bike wheel? Anything shaped like a circle?
Bus wheel? Lego wheel?

Now it is thankfulness time!

Here are some items on my list this week

-Eating the tastiest dessert ever
-Delicious cheese
-Holy places
-Mother's Day with my mom
-Looking at photos of my grandma and great-grandma
-Book group 
-Monthly presentations at the Rochester Senior Center
-Looking at tiny houses and tiny campers and getting ideas
-Nature walk with a great pal
-Senior class banquet in Stewie
-Super warm, sunny days

What's on your list this week?

My friend and I went for a great hike at a local park near her home.  All kinds of gorgeous wildflowers!

My dream tear-drop camper (via Pinterest)

This month's Senior Center presentation was on the topic of "adapting to change" - the participants were so wise, wonderful, and hilarious.  They teach me so much every month!

As a teen, my grandma liked to take nature photos!

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