Food Star of the Week

2013 is off to a good start.

One big personal goal for this year is to budget extremely carefully, and make a good dent in my college and seminary student loans.  If I pinch every penny, I could have them halfway paid by the end of the year!

For the last 4 years, I've been making my monthly payments, and that's been going okay.  But I don't really want to do that for 11 more years.  I want to get them paid off soon so I can start saving for things like furniture!  (Thankfully, the house I've been renting for the last 3.5 years is furnished).

Part of my budgeting plan requires eating in most of the time and really limiting my spending at restaurants and coffee shops and Kwik Trip.  This is a little tricky as I LOVE eating out, but maybe I'll really love eating in, too!

I want to share my food discoveries and budgeting adventures with you.  Every week I'll feature a new food star!  To be a food star, the food item needs to be relatively inexpensive and healthy.  It also needs to be something that can be easily incorporated into your diet.  

This week......



I've been eating it constantly lately. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner today! It's so healthy and not too expensive if you buy a big bag of it. I bought organic this time, but sometimes I don't.

I like to saute it with a little olive oil and red pepper flakes. SO tasty and it literally takes 2 minutes.

Another yummy-yum: add it to your noodles and pasta! So easy, nutritious (although brown rice would be better), and not too pricey.




It's also so, so, so good in my morning smoothies.

Just google: Green Monster. You'll get a host or recipes for morning breakfast smoothies featuring spinach, kale, and other greens.

How about you?  What's your "Food Star" this week?  Have you been eating a bunch of a particular food?  I'd love to hear your recommendations!


  1. One of my favorite super healthy combinations are greek yogurt, 1/2 - 1 cup berries and either granola or slivered almonds. I also add a bit of sweetner. This can be served for any meal as high in protein and vitamin C. Sustaining and yummy!!