Cell Photo Extravaganza

photo extra

Here are some cell phone snapshots from the past week.....

Rochester Public Library: I love this quote because I think you could use"Holy Communion" and "A library" interchangeably. 

Are you a subscriber yet?

The weather is perfect for wintertime this week!
 Yesterday it was even warm enough for puddles!

Yes! That's my Greek and Hebrew!
 I haven't had these books out for awhile,
but I'm writing some Preaching Helps for Currents,
my seminary's publication. I am still pretty rusty with my Greek and Hebrew,
but it's coming back a bit.

Happy Nut.JPG
THRILL OF THRILLS! For the full story, click here: Vanity Casserole.

Monday's sunrise. A beautiful start to a new week.

Ready for our next Word of the Week?
 It's right around the corner on Friday!!!
 Send me your rock pics soon.

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