Thankful Thursday

This week, I'm thankful.
(I am also excited.  It's almost time to see your rock pics. 
Do you have some?  Please send them!)

This was one of those weeks in which I had many moments when I thought to myself:
"I am overwhelmingly thankful."
Here are some reasons why I had a happy heart in the past week.....

-Finding a way to make tasty, low-cal microwave desserts
-Eating lovely lunches with lovely people
-Laughing at the hospital with parishioners
-Epiphany parties
-Kim's generous spirit
-Franklin the Squirrel
-Amy's adorable shirt
-Hope and perseverance
(that man's funeral was held today; I only met him once and it was a lovely time)
-Beautiful frost
-Song writing
-Greek and Hebrew fun times
-Getting to go 2 whole weeks between my next blood test!
-Writing opportunities
-Those amazing confirmation 7th and 8th graders
(I think I should write a handwritten note to all their parents to tell
their parents how amazing I think their kids are!)

Now it's your turn!
Remember when we used to all share our lists?
Will you share an item or two on your list this week?

PS: When I posted this the first time, my whole blog template got mixed up.
So I had to delete and re-post.  Sorry about that!


  1. I am thankful for:
    - avoiding the flu bug (so far)
    - exercise (tone body, lower blood pressure)
    - a new blood pressure monitor
    - good medical report from my cousin
    - having known a co-worker who just passed away
    - progress for a neighbor who had a stroke
    - warm winter (snow for XC skiing would be OK)
    - Christmas cards and notes
    - fun friends sharing smiles and belly laughs
    - warm house, good food
    - my 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid -- reliable!
    - fast computer
    - backyard deer, turkey, squirrels, birds
    - photography hobby
    - plans for upcoming annual Florida trip

  2. My friendly bus driver
    Movie night
    Exercise equipment
    Positive words to hold on to