The Kingdom of Heaven is like...

Welcome to a new blog feature:
"The Kingdom of Heaven is like..."

As a few words of introduction:
I truly believe the kingdom of God breaks into our daily lives constantly!  The challenge is to be aware of it.  The goal is to think of heaven not just as some distant, far-removed place in the outer-atmosphere, but instead to consider heaven to be a reality that God invites us to live into every day.  God invites us to do more that live into it - God invites us to be part of the creation of the kingdom.

In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus often says: "The kingdom of heaven is like..." and then he gives different examples.  A pearl.  A hidden treasure.  A seed.

The examples Jesus gave were images everyone could understand and relate to.

As a way of training myself to be more aware of God's presence in my daily life, I'm hoping to share brief stories and pictures through this blog feature.  The stories will center on times when I felt the kingdom breaking right into life here and now...times when I felt like I was catching a glimpse of the beauty God intends to bring about for all people.

I hope that you'll send in your own stories - or leave comments.
I'd love to hear about your experiences of catching glimpses of God's vision for eternity.
This week's kingdom spot...

Watching the staff members of this facility this week was like stepping right through the holy gates of eternity. They loved the residents with such grace and patience.  Truly beautiful.  And then on the drive home, I saw this...


Such a beautiful sky. I had to pull over onto a side road to stop and take a photo. Amazing.


  1. What a great feature!

    It was over a year ago that I glimpsed the kingdom of God at the dentist, in the face of a parishioner who was there with one of her group home residents. It was just the face you would want leaning over you in a scary situation--a face full of comfort, reassurance, peace, love.

    Thanks for the reminder!