Thankful Thursday (and WHERE ARE YOUR JACKETS?)

Hello friends.
Happy Thankful Thursday.
This week I am thankful for....

-Thoughtful gifts and cards
-New glasses
-Amazinglyyyyyy well-behaved 7th and 8th grade confirmation students
-Walking on a runway
-Great people
-Golfing with my mom
-Playing my guitar again




Also: where are your jacket pics?  I don't have any contributions yet!  I hope to get a jacket photo from you. I was thinking this would be a fun word.  Maybe a photo of your coat closet?  Or a row of jackets?  Or your favorite jacket, hoodie, or coat?  Hope to see a photo from you today!


  1. This week I am thankful for:

    --Being just the sister, matron of honor, and mother of the flower girl at my sister's wedding (and not the pastor).
    --Toasty warm pop tarts.
    --Sweater weather.
    --trashy Netflix instant TV.
    --my washer and dryer.
    --family and friends all gathering in Chicago to celebrate!

    Also, I misread one item on your list, and I thought you were thankful to be "playing my air guitar again". And I loved it.

    1. Fabulous list, Maggie! I am totally going to buy some pop tarts soon!

  2. • Dancing!

    • Finding a sweater that I'd forgotten

    • A pink flamingo

    • Movie night with a friend

    • Friends

    • Laughter

    • Sitting on a park bench with my son, talking about life and what makes us laugh

    • Watching my daughters grow in confidence

    • Baseball

    • Fall

    • Debrief calls from a friend

    • Photo ID that include a picture of the caller

    • September skies