Music Monday: Another Brand New Life?!?!?

Music Monday

It's time for "Check Out This Band You've Never Heard Of" Monday.
This week and next week I'm going to introduce you to two bands I'm falling in love with. To begin, have you ever heard of Wild Nothing? Me neither - until recently.

Here's a feel for their stuff....



Live in Dreams

Here's their Myspace page.

As you all know, I love pop music (Katy Perry, Ke$sha, Lil' Wayne, Chris Brown), but lately
I'm starting to become genuinely concerned for the future of the music industry! I think I am ready for a "Music Style" Brand New Life.

The lyrics of pop music are REALLY bad (inapporpriate, extremely sexual, and all about drinking)! Rhianna's newest song is just plain terrible. So, I am going to make a true effort to keep broadening my love of other genres. I do love indie music - and I love acoustic folk.

I am not interested in banning music - anymore than I'm interested in banning books (it never works anyway). But really, music industry, we could hold ourselves to a slightly higher standard! Anyway, I am obviously not going to TOTALLY give up my love of pop music,
but I do feel concerned about how well kids are able to repeat back a lot of terrible words and themes! So, I'll push myself to keep branching out. And now and then, I will definitely jam out to T-Pain and Nelly. No doubt about that.

Here's a good wake-up song without words by Civil Civic: Airspray.

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  1. Boy, you are not kidding about lyrics these days. I almost never listen to the radio because I just can never be sure. One afternoon, however, Michael Jackson happened to be on a station I jumped to, so we had fun listening to that. Then the next song (Usher??) was all about bootys and sex! Off went the radio... Forever!

    I love music, but I pretty much only listen to "oldies;" bands from high school! But, you know what, I can be sure of them! And whether it's me or my babies, we don't need any more junk coming into our brains.