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I love a deal. Don't you?
My love of a good deal is generally a great life quality. BUT, it can be a bad quality.
A deal is only a deal if you actually use/wear what you purchase! Right?

Take the following dress for instance.

It was originally $178. I got it for $30! WOW! What a deal.
But then I didn't wear it for almost 2 years!
If you don't wear it, it's NOT A DEAL! It seemed so boxy on me. Look....

sWhoa is me

(I'm slouching and trying to look unhappy for effect!
It will create a great "Before and After" moment!)

I decided I had to wear it or give it away.
I wore it once last year to an art event that I went to with my mom.
And then, I wore it a few days ago!
For me, the trick was....
adding A BELT! (Of course it was, right? I love belts!)

I now feel like I'll try to add the dress into the wardrobe rotation every month or so.
(I am even thinking about ways I could transition it into fall by adding tights and a fitted jacket!)

Do you have clothes in your closet that were a "great deal" but you never wear them?
Wear them or give them away!
And if you want to buy a clearance item, commit yourself to wearing it within the next week after purchase. Try it! I'm going to try and commit to this idea, too.

Dress 1

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