An Anniversary Celebration!

Sacred Space

Good morning, love bugs.
How are you this weekend?
All is well in Minnesota - long days of warm summer sun.
Today I am thinking of gratitude and also of preaching.
I am thankful to preach tomorrow,
and praying everything will come together in a meaningful way.

I can hardly believe it, but I moved to Stewartville two years ago!

Look at this post from July 30, 2009.


I've been thinking about how much this newest chapter of my life has meant to me.
Pastor life. But since it has now been 2 years, I guess it isn't particularly "new" anymore.

For the first year, I was doing all that I could to be what I thought
"a pastor" should be. For the second year, I was focused less on being a "perfect pastor" and more on being authentic (oh, and I was dealing with that little platelet "situation").

I've made some goals for this third year of ministry:

1) Seek daily opportunities to help people integrate their faith life
into their daily life/to see daily life and faith life as the same thing

2) Seek daily opportunities to help people connect with one another and
build a broader sense of community/
Help people make friends with one another regardless of their ages and circumstances
(developing strong adult friendships can be an intimidating challenge for folks)

3) Continue to embrace a life of ministry and be more intentional about
modeling a healthy balance between life/work

4) Dream big and take new opportunities and challenges

5) Write

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