Word of the Week: Detail

Word of the Week

Good morning.
I really need to take care of the strange and sudden ant infestation throughout my house.

But first....something much more fun! It's Word of the Week time!
Today we have an awesome assortment of photos for Word of the Week!
You're going to love them all.

For those who may be new to the blog: on Friday's I announce a new word.
Throughout the week, folks send me photos that relate to that word. Then the next Friday,
I share all your fantastic photos here on the blog.

Everyone is welcome and invited to participate!
Enjoy this week's photos, and be on lookout for next week's word in photo form.
Also, it's perfectly acceptable to dig through your computer's
hard drive or phone and share older photos.

This Week's Word, Detail

Amy, Detail

Barb, Detail

Becky, Detail

Dan, Detail

Mike, Detail

Todd, Detail

Pam, Detail

Beth, Detail

Jennifer, Detail

Karen, Detail

Trudy, Detail

Emily, Detail

Our Next Word, Vacation

Weekly Words

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