Nothing is wasted.

Today at church there was a funeral for a fantastic man.
The Holy Spirit was blowing all day; it was beautiful to see God working in the midst of grief, showering people with hope.

I came across this poem today. It's "Life After Death" by Laura Gilpin.

These things I know:
How the living go on living
and how the dead go on living with them
so that in a forest
even a dead tree casts a shadow
and the leaves fall one by one
and the branches break in the wind
and the bark peels off slowly
and the trunk cracks
and the rain seeps in through the cracks
and the trunk falls to the round
and the moss covers it
and in the spring the rabbits find it
and build their nest
inside the dead tree
so that nothing is wasted in nature
or in love.

For a plethora of reasons, this poem is speaking volumes to my heart tonight.
It is a reminder of the interconnectedness of all of creation.

"Nothing is wasted in nature or in love."

That is a beautiful sentiment. I want to believe it is true.
And so, I choose - here and now - to believe.

"Nothing is wasted in nature or in love."

So we might as well love, right? Waste not, want not - as they say.

Every second is a sacred second.

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