Graduation Memory Lane

Youngsik, Yoojin, Eunbhin, Yoojin's Mom

My dear friend, Paul.

Lovely, wonderful Joy.

The fam.

I just took a little trip down memory lane.
I can't believe seminary graduation was just over a year ago. TIME FLIES.
Truly! Looking at these pictures makes me VERY nostalgic for Chicago.
Looking at these pictures also makes me VERY thankful for the Chicago years;
those years formed me into who I am becoming, and they equipped me for ministry.

Thank you Chicago, thank you friends and family, thank you God.

I am one year post-grad school.
Wow. When all these pictures were taken I had NO IDEA where I was going to end up.
I had no idea when I'd get a call. I was living in limbo land.
And now, here I am, at my desk - in my house - in this adorable Minnesota town.
Life is so peculiar and surprising, unpredictable and glorious.

How exciting it is to imagine what the next year will hold.

Seize the day. Carpe diem. Take a great big life-gulp and swallow all these beautiful moments.

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