Pentecost, Pentecost.

Greetings. Happy day of PENTECOST! It's so fun to say that word! I had the kids say it a bunch of times during the Children's Sermon this morning at church.

On the day of Pentecost, we wear red and celebrate the work of the Holy Spirit.

I'm especially happy about Pentecost this year because I've been noticing just how much the Holy Spirit really is at work in this world lately! I really should pay attention to the Holy Spirit more often! She is so lovely and powerful!

I love the idea of a God that comes to us, that God is living and breathing and moving among us - thanks to the work of the Holy Spirit.

Worship this morning was splendid. I made a little goof at the beginning of the service, but that's okay! Everyone makes mistakes now and then, right? Plus, it made everyone laugh. And there few things more healthy than a good, quality laugh - especially at the expense of a silly, new pastor, right? :)

People were so happy on their way out of church this morning. It was fun to see their smiles. One person said: "You are always smiling." Another said: "It feels so good to laugh." Truthfully, I am not always smiling and laughing, but I do really enjoy those activities. So I'll try to keep incorporating them into most hours of the day.

Smiling and laughing.

This week is another big, busy one at church. Praying for strength, energy, happiness - and LOTS AND LOTS of smiles and laughter. (Also, I will have Friday off and I'm quite enthralled about that.)

Happy Pentecost to you! I hope you find a way to incorporate some red into your day and celebrate the Holy Spirit!

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