An assignment.

Today's Photo: "A Lovely Shade of Blue"

Assignment of the week: taken from “How to be an Explorer of the World” by Keri Smith

*Collect words you find interesting.

Would anyone care to join me for this week’s experiment? There are so many amazing words out there! Let’s go on a word hunt for the next 7 days! A word I love: aggravated. I sure hope I get to hear it come out of someone's mouth this week. Please comment on this blog entry with any amazing or strange words you come across. I listened to an old episode of This American Life yesterday and it was centered around the word “Frenemy.” Definition: A friend who is also an enemy. Interesting. Apparently the word was actually invented in the 1950s but it didn’t really catch on until it was featured in an episode of “Sex in the City.”

Happy hunting!


  1. A timely post--I just told Andy this morning, "I love the word diadem!" when we spotted it on a sign.

    I also love the words maritime and trepidation and armada.

  2. Musette is a word I've encountered in A Farewell to Arms by Hemingway (which I'm reading for book club). I knew it as a French bagpipe, but here it is a knapsack (I suppose it looks like the bag of the bagpipe!). It's a fun sounding word. myoo-ZEHT!

  3. I like the word "doodle", not to be confused with another nice word, "scribble".

  4. I forgot to share a word that I really liked from yesterday's gospel text: "indignant."

  5. I like the word "doodle", not to be confused with another nice word, "scribble".

  6. Wow! Great words everyone! :)