Today's Photo: "So Close"

Today I took a lovely drive to a neighboring town to visit a member of the congregation. The sun was beaming through piles of puffy, thick clouds. The colors were so brilliant: yellows, greens, and reds. It was magnificent. I thought to myself: "Why don't I ever notice colors? They are amazing!" Usually the season of fall annoys me substantially. Strangely, this year I am drawn to it. The ongoing transformation of one season into the next is such a visible reminder of how life is unstoppable. We all keep on going, as do the plants and birds and stars around us.

I discovered another cure to the internal crabbiness I sometimes experience. This recipe for a smile is (feel free to borrow it and pass it on): Spend an hour each week with someone in their 90s. Oh my goodness! Seriously! Unbelievable. They are so wise and blunt. Love it. Love it. Love it. They have great questions and deep, profound thoughts.

The sun is beaming into my office this afternoon. I am thankful today. Very thankful.

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  1. I absolutely agree about the power of time with people in their nineties! That was one of my favorite hours the week before last. People in their eighties are not bad, either.