Gigantic Raindrops

Today's Photo: "Backyard"

The rain is pouring down from the sky today. The raindrops are surprisingly gigantic. As I was running about from place to place today, my umbrella protected me from most of the wetness, however I did get hit in the head by 2 or 3 drops. Somehow, their hugeness left a good portion of my hair soaked.

So now I'm sitting at my desk looking a little frazzled. Normally, I don't use the word frazzled, but I've now added to my vocabulary. Last week a lady stopped by my office and the first thing she said was, "Emily, you're looking a little frazzled today." She actually meant, "Your hair is looking a little odd today" but didn't want to say it for fear of being impolite. And now I'm looking frazzled for the remainder of the afternoon thanks to the rain outside, but I don't mind too much. We all need a little frazzling in our lives, right? Keeps us on our toes.

In the past week, I have discovered two amazing inventions that I want you to know about!

1. The GT Express: Have you ever seen the infomercial for this brilliant invention? I'll admit it, I am an infomercial junkie (primarily because I still have aspirations of someday hosting infomercials) - and this love of all things "Seen on TV" has led to some bad purchases. But not this product! It's actually amazing! And you can buy it on Amazon for just $29.99! It has revolutionized my eating this week. I've made so many fun, cheap, healthy creations. CHECK IT OUT! If you'd like more information, just ask. It comes with a recipe book. You can make such tasty foods in just 4-8 minutes! Yum, yum, yum!

2. The book "An Altar in the World" by Barbara Brown Taylor: I just started reading it this week, but I already really recommend it. She's a wonderful writer. Highly inspiring. She approaches the world as a place in which we can discover God in everything and anything. You'll like it; read it.

Two more song recommendations. They are not new discoveries. They are rediscovered discoveries. First, the song "My Stupid Mouth" by John Mayer. It's so good. Please listen. Maybe I am just particularly fond of it this week because I am constantly thinking and rethinking my own "sometimes stupid mouth." Second, the song "You Found Me" by The Fray. I am not "exactly" sure what it's about, but I really like it. Maybe it's about God. Maybe not. Either way. I like it.

Have a fantastic Friday. Enjoy the rain or the sunshine or whatever else your skies are raining down today.

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