When Silence isn't Silent.

Today's Photo: "Hello World"

The corn is talking today.

I spent a little time in the sun this afternoon in the hopes that the Vitamin D (combined with the antibiotics) would cure my bronchitis.

As I walked out to the edge of the yard, where the grass meets the cornstalks, I did something I hadn’t done for awhile. I listened to the silence. And it turned out to be anything but silent. The crickets were singing up a storm! I wondered what they were discussing, perhaps cricket clergy fashion sense or the contemporary cricket Sunday serice.

And the corn was quite noisy today, too. The stalks rustled against each other creating so many sounds. I wish I could’ve recorded it, and then I could listen to it before bed. It was so peaceful. The clouds was big and beautiful again today, and the sun was shining through in thick, brilliant rays.

In a world with so much to listen to, it’s much too easy to forget to listen to all the non-human parts of creation.

Ten minutes of listening to the backyard = as delicious as just about any dessert.

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