thursday morning randomness

(watercolor by Derek McCrea)

Two things I'm reading this morning to help get this new day started right.

From 'The Language of Letting God" devotional (if you ever want to hear more about this, just ask: it's a good resource, albeit cheese-ball at times): What we want and need counts. It's important, and it's valid. It's okay to learn to participate in meeting our own needs. We can learn to identify what we want and need and be patient with ourselves while we're learning."

And from "Finding Calm in the Chaos" a quote that happens to fit well with my lovely J-term class: Creation, then, is the ongoing story of new beginnings, opportunities to begin again and again. - by Wayne Muller

This idea of new beginnings is popping up all over the place lately! I like it a lot.

As an aside, I watched Strictly Ballroom last night with some friends. You should probably watch it; especially if you like Baz Luhrmann's other films or if you like strange ballroom dancing comedic dramas.

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