Today's life lesson: It's healthy to change and adapt plans.

As the appetizer to this blog entry, here are some pictures of what I ventured through in order to do one silly load of laundry. Sometimes I am a total bozo.

The steps leading to the basement laundry area. TOTAL ICE! Inches of it.

A view looking up at the dripping icicles which are now falling off.

Little baby icicles. Still scary.

Ice daggers.

WARNING: This post will reveal some of my mildly obsessive tendencies. However, it will also reveal that I am overcoming them. :)

To begin, I will reveal that I never like to have more than one load of laundry to do at a time. I don't know why this is. But it just is; I'm sure that I will eventually have to overcome this if I ever live in a house with perhaps a husband or children. But at the present moment, it's just me, and I like to keep the task to one load - which utilizing my apartment building's facilities means 30 minutes to wash and 30 minutes to dry. Today I noticed my small laundry basket has reached full capacity which means I really need to get those towels and clothes in the wash if I want to fit it all in one load.

And I just happened to have enough time for some laundry during my lunch break from class. So the second I walked in the door, I got the laundry and headed down the truly treacherous back steps. I have mentioned this wintery situation before, but now the icicles are melting which has led to a very frightening situation. It's terrifying and really dangerous, actually. Even for me, the new "winter advocate" (see previous post about embracing winter). However, instead of adapting and coming up with a new laundry plan, I proceeded to risk my life for a stupid load of pajamas and towels! I realized my own ridiculousness as I was trying to avoid slipping by balancing on one foot, hurling the basket up several stairs, and holding onto an icy rail all at the same time.

The laundry lesson here is simple: Wait until the ice melts to do laundry.

The life lesson I was reminded of today: It's healthy to change and adapt plans.

In non-winter news, class was great today, and I wanted to share a few quotes from our text for today: Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor by Leonardo Boff

"On the level of my immediate feelings, the immensity of space matters little to me, with all its gravitons, top quarks, electrons and atoms, if my heart is not satisfied, if I have lost the meaning of love, and I find no Womb to take me in just as I am; that is, if I do not feel that I have been found by God and if I do not find God. But if I encounter God, everything becomes utterly clear. Everything is connected, since emotion and sensitivity are rooted in the universe."


"God did not create the universe as something completed, an event in the past, something utterly perfect and finished forever. Rather, God set in motion an open process that is to journey toward ever more highly organized, subtle, and better ways of being, of life, and of conscoiusness."

I've only read half of the book so far, but it's raising some important questions and thoughts. He's a liberation theologian. What do you think about those quotes? Inspiring? Disturbing? I find seminary to be such an interesting place. I always wonder what the people in the different parts of my life (college, high school, internship, Chicago, Independence, CPE) would have to say about what I'm learning here.

Hope you're having a great day! I'd love to know what you're pondering/up to today!

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