standing in awe

Today our new president was inaugurated, and millions upon millions cheered the first family on from all across the world. Regardless of who individual Americans voted for in November, today we become truly united. We are all part of a common call to action, peace, and intentional commitment to people far and wide. It was exciting to watch part of today's events with some of the seminary community here in Chicago. Such raw and real emotion left me speechless for most of the afternoon.

I'll admit, it's hard not to get caught up in the momentum and inspirational nature of today. Yet I also know that no leader or person is perfect. We are all well-aware of the challenges that are sure to be part of President Obama's time in office. But today means far more than the election of one man; I genuinely experienced and witnessed the power of hope.

Let's all pray together that the joy of this day stretches throughout the years ahead and inspires each and every person of this country (and world) to reach out and embrace the beauty of all creation. Possibility awakens and surrounds.

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