Weekend in Review

I hope your weekend has been truly splendid! We had our staff Christmas party on Friday night. It was a delightful evening of good conversation, storytelling, and food.


Including GLUTEN FREE DESSERTS. *fainting with joy*

I struggle with intermittent neck pain...but generally it's not very severe. I'm never quite sure what it's from...injection side effect? Bad posture? The super heavy bags I carry around all the time? 

Well...it really got bad yesterday afternoon! And then I spent a lot of the rest of the weekend laying flat on the floor in pain! (on the bed makes it worse) Mom graciously picked up a neck brace for me which helped a lot. I'm using Naproxen and a heating pad and trying to take it easy. I plan to wear the neck brace when I'm not out and about with other people the next couple of days...I will hopefully be good to go by the end of the week. 

A goal for 2016 will be to reprioritize yoga and stretching! Need to strengthen my neck and back! 

Have you seen Moonrise Kingdom? I find it to be absolutely charming and quirky and wonderful. I saw it in the theater when it initially came out and then watched it over the weekend with Mom. It has moved up on my favorites list...and might just be my new #1!

Did you see Star Wars? I've never seen any of them, so I plan to do that before seeing the newest one. But that will be a big investment of time. So...it might be awhile. For all you Star Wars fans, I heard the new one is great! That must be so fun for you to see the saga continue!

Have a great week!

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