Music Monday

Last weekend I got to see a part of VH1's Top 20 Countdown for the first time in over a decade! I used to love watching that in high school. So in memory of those precious days of Brit-Brit, NSYNC, and Xtina, this week's recommendations all come from the actual, current top 20 list. 

"cuz in a sky full of stars, I think I see you"

I've been a Sia fan since 2006! She's unusual and great, and this song is no exception! The link takes you to her performance on Ellen which was certainly unique. 

Kiesza: Hideaway
I LOVE choreographed dancing and this video displays some great moves!

Clean Bandit: Rather Be
I really have to be careful about listening to this one too much because it is a REAL earworm. It's so catchy and burrows way into my subconscious so I wake up singing it!

Meghan Trainor: All About that Bass
"every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top"

Have you heard of Everlane? They are my favorite clothing company. I got my first Everlane shirt about 6 months ago. I deeply appreciate Everlane's business approach and ethics which are outlined on this page

They are extremely responsible; they know the companies they source from and many of their products are made in the US. They carry men's and women's basic garments, bags, and scarves. Another aspect of the company I really like is what they term their "Radical Transparency." They go above and beyond when it comes to explaining the true cost of producing a product. 

Bonus: their shirts are adorable, comfortable, and stylish!

My favs include: 
*black box cut tee (I wear this weekly)
*navy short sleeve sweatshirt (another weekly wear...very comfortable!)
*gray boyfriend sweatshirt (if I could wear it daily, I would; this is my favorite piece of clothing)

Overall, I'm a huge, genuine fan. If you're in the market for some new wardrobe basics, I encourage you to give Everlane a whirl. Shipping is free for your first purchase. For any subsequent purchases, shipping is free anytime you buy 2 or more items. 

No pressure, but if you want to try Everlane, please consider using this link.
I get a $25 credit for any referral! So nice! I'd tell you about Everlane anyway, but I just got this little "referral" promo in my inbox, so I thought I'd spread the word!

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