Music Monday with Bonus Beyonce

Music Monday

It's time for week #2 of "Check Out this Band You've Never Heard of" Monday!
Have you ever heard of "Washed Out"? If so - way to go! If not - check it out (it's basically just one dude named Ernest). Here's some wikipedia background.

Apparently this genre of music is referred to as chillwave. Who knew? I would describe it as "1980s mellow music." Or "music that reminds me of The Breakfast Club." Chillwave probably sounds better. Also, just describing that way makes me feel cool and trendy! Try it!

Feel It All Around

Amor Fati (they are playing this on The Current lately)

Bonus Beyonce:
There's another song that I'll be enjoying this week (thanks for the recommendation, J).
It's called "Best Thing I Never Had."

P.S. Beyonce is dressed quite provocatively for the first 45 seconds or so of the video, but the video does actually tell a pretty cool story.

P.P.S. Broken hearts heal. And after that, beautiful new chapters begin.

P.P.P.S. John Mayer, I am ready for my happy ending, so you can show up on my doorstep anytime.

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