Vanity of Vanities

Here are a few fabulous vanities:

Bento Boxes!  They come in a zillion styles and are Japanese.  This is how totally cool Japanese people take their lunch to work or school.  Here's another one:
An American Company (Laptop Lunch) makes these ones.  I am really really really coveting them.  So cute and practical and eco-friendly!

Also dreaming of a walk or ride along Lake Shore Drive in Chicago.  I miss my old city.  A lot, in fact.  I love Minnesota.  But I feel like a part of my heart is still standing along the lake shore, longing to eat crab rangoon at Noodles Etc.  
Strong finger nails.  I'm trying.  I use the special polish.  I take my vitamins.  And still, I have peeling, not-cute nails. 
 Canning knowledge. I'm going to try to learn with some ladies from church. 
 Chicken knowledge.  I think I'd like to have one.  But everyone with chicken experience says: "No you don't!"


  1. 2 things
    1) I want to learn to can (can't wait till we have a house with space for a garden)
    2) I too want a chicken (when we have that house)

  2. I was just dreaming that very same thing about Chicago, Em. Well, not the crab rangoon, but I could sure go for one of their tofu dishes. I'll be there briefly in April on my way to and from the Institute of Liturgical Studies. You should come, too!