Some news and that's-really-not-news-at-all stories from the week:

-Developing story: Earthquake in Chile (I have a very dear friend there - haven't gotten ahold of him yet.  Praying he is safe.  I hate earthquakes) - BBC Story

-The Olympics are wrapping up; I didn't get to watch much, but it sure was very fun to see how excited everyone got about watching the different sports.  I'm glad that even in a world of a million television stations, people still are drawn to the Olympics.   

-Carly might have spilled the beans on "You're So Vain" CNN Story

-My addiction to Itunes continues; I strangely even downloaded a Michael Buble song!  I always made fun of him.  Now I think he's dreamy!  Weird; what kind of universe is this?  

-Further confirmation that whaling is bad: BBC Story

-I'm still quite convinced that Justin Timberlake and I could be great friends.  

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