A few highlights from this week's news and non-news:

-Hello Winter Olympics in Vancouver!  I nearly forgot all about it until a member of the congregation said to me today: "Emily, you can come over and watch the Olympics if you want."

-Snow, snow, snow: USA Today.  

-Fascinating research is out about how our minds process the passing of time.  Here's a very interesting article about why time flies when you're having fun and drags when you're bored.  

-Citizens and aid workers in Haiti continue to pick up the pieces.  This is a very moving article.  A bit graphic as well.  "Foreign Doctors Say They are Haunted..."

-Lauren Conrad's (of "The Hills" fame) second book is a best seller!  Wow.  I'm actually a little curious to read it.  Here's a ridiculous and funny and "wouldn't that be nice" quote from Conrad:  "I just sat in bed writing and it was the best process.  Who gets to work from home in their pj's?"  Here's an article from the New York Daily News.  

-I learned how to dance in the Cumbia style. Now I need to find a place to practice my moves!

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