Buenos dias, wonderful readers.  Happy Viernes {Friday}.   I'm back in Minnesota - safe and sound.  My vacation days were a true blessing. A few quick highlights:

-Guacamole in mass quantities
-Morning water aerobics
-Sunshine and laughter and reading
-I fell in love {with the ocean}
-Inspired, and refreshed, and ready to be back to work today.
-I just might learn fluent Spanish, become a bilingual yoga instructor, and move to Mexico at some point

Here are some photos:

Hermano y hermana

Mama y hija
Joshua y Diego

Jefe, Emilia, and Joshua


  1. Looks like a FUN trip! My parents were in Mexico last week too!

  2. I kept forgetting you were gone, and every time I read "Vacation Girl," I'd be happy for you all over again! Looks like a great trip with family. I'm rather jealous!

  3. Missed you my friend - Look's like you had a great time!! See you soon!