Counting through a Sunday...

Today's Photo: "This Photograph is a Repeat"

2.5 Hours watching the high school's production of Annie
1 trip to the funeral home
1.5 hours at the bowling alley with Junior High kids
$40 spent on a pie at the annual church pie auction
3 Norwegian sweaters in worship today (all worn by the same adorable family)
8 "notes to self"
101 pins knocked down
2 Worship Services
4 kinds of junk-food for dinner
32 minutes until Desperate Housewives (and this week I can actually watch my favorite trashy television show!)

Have a magnificent Sunday night! Thanks for reading!
What's a number that describes something about your Sunday? Ready, set, go!


  1. Bad news! No DH tonight! You can see some trashy-ness on the music awards though - oh my!

  2. 19--ounces Zoe has eaten so far today.

    2--worship-related gaffes.

    1--parishioner who elbow bumped instead of shaking hands after church.

    3--pieces of almond kringle enjoyed at coffee hour.

    4--actual number of kringle servings enjoyed. But they were small!

  3. 0 - artificial Christmas trees that we bought this weekend

    4 - stores we went to to find one