details, details.

Today's Photo: "The Front Yard"

A truth I was reminded of many times today: Life is big and beautiful and unpredictable.

I spent a good portion of today at the local nursing home visiting residents. My goodness - they sure are a wealth of wisdom! Until this afternoon, I had almost forgotten how much I love chatting with people in the 80+ crowd!

A particularly poignant moment was spent with a woman who couldn't remember her age. She was quite a sharp lady, but that detail has been lost. It made me realize that eventually - as the decades go by, life isn't measured so much in years. Instead, life becomes a beautiful, complicated tapestry of moments, memories, and people. "I think I'm 87, but I don't know."

Sometimes I become consumed with the details - worrying and fussing. Sometimes the smallest issues and frustrations feel gigantic. But really, that's all kind of silly. Details, details - they are certainly important - but they aren't everything! There's a bigger picture of meaning and purpose. Today, I'm immensely thankful that I was reminded by quite a plethora of people that life is for living and laughter and exploration. Life is not meant to be wasted.

Dear God: please help me remember today. I know that as the days in this new environment go by, eventually I'm going to forget the details of all these encounters with the divine. But, please - please - help me remember today.

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  1. Hi Pastor Emily! I miss you already! I hope you're having a good week in quiet Minnesota! Have fun exploring your new town!