Book of Faith - Terrific!

I just got back from the "Book of Faith" conference in St. Paul. It was quite terrific. I heard some wonderfully encouraging speakers and I feel very empowered. I'll write more about it soon.

Tomorrow I'm in a skit during announcements. That should be nice and silly! It will be a fun Sunday. I like being back in a Sunday routine!

Some thoughts before bedtime:

1) People of all ages deserve to feel empowered and worthy of expressing thoughts and insights.
2) The church needs to do a better job of empowering people and helping them recognize the value of their thoughts and insights.
3) I sure love the elderly.
4) I sure love dessert.
5) I sure love road-trips.
6) I am constantly amazed at how the Holy Spirit shows up at wonderfully surprising moments.
7) I am very thankful for the people of this little Minnesota town.
8) I hope that someday words like "Church" and "Christianity" and "the Bible" can have more positive connotations for people than negative ones.

Good night, all! Sleep well. Sweet dreams.

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