Savoring every bite...

My, my, my. Oh how I love meals shared with good friends! Food has an amazing way of bringing people together, doesn't it? Tonight a delightful friend and I went to a great vegan restaurant on the south side of the city.

The lovely lady I ate with has been such a special blessing in my life, and soon she will head off for new adventures. Our food was tasty and the conversation was even more delicious. I am always amazed at the sacredness of "ordinary" moments. It is startling to me that these moments so often occur over meals. There is something very beautiful and relational about eating. I don't mind eating alone (and I do it quite often since I live by myself), but I sure love consuming meals in the company of others. I am particularly thankful for shared meals tonight.

As I was pondering food this evening, I thought about the idea that maybe one is never totally eating alone. When an individual is feasting in solitude, he/she is actually eating alongside all the forces that helped bring the food to the table- the farmers, the packagers, the bees, the sun, the grocery clerk. Food is definitely a team effort. I'm hoping that this concept will bring a little comfort to me (and to anyone else in the same solo boat) on those afternoons and evenings when I am enjoying a delicious meal with me, myself, and I.

So whatever your eating environment this evening and in the days ahead, I hope you are savoring each and every bite. Soak in every morsel of the staggering beauty on your plate.