"It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday."

Today's Photo: "Washed"

Do you remember that Boyz II Men song "Yesterday"? I love it! Today the words have been ringing in my ears. This morning I headed back to Chicago. For a variety of reasons, the trip took many, many hours. I stopped a lot. And apparently drove really slowly. It was a nice drive, though. I listened to the radio and a few podcasts. I imagined my BNL (Brand New Life) in Minnesota. I shed a few tears for the difficult days ahead.

Then I had my Learning Parnter time with Elif. Again, she made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt. Seriously, she should go on the road with her hilarity and wit.

Tonight I had a goodbye dinner with a dear friend. Life is silly, isn't it? Sometimes people come into our lives for beautiful bursts of time, and then that period of time ends. Like I have said many a time, goodbyes aren't my favorite. But tonight I felt like I completed a healthy goodbye. I believe our paths will cross again. But no matter what, I am truly and indescribably thankful for real, genuine, no bologna friendship. What a gift!

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