"Baby don't cry." Probably the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Today's Photo: "Lost In Thought"

Oh my goodness. I had a variety of ideas for blog posts today, but as I type this entry, I am witnessing just about the most adorable incident ever to occur. I am sitting in a study area at the seminary so I can use the internet. The Summer Language Institute is meeting, and there are people here in the study area from all over the world working on their English language skills. There are also a few of their children. And there's a little crying baby. One of the little girls (probably about 4) said, "I will sing a song for the baby." So the other little girl said, "Okay, I will write it down." Here's just a little sample of this most beautiful song:

Baby don't cry anywhere,
you have to sleep at night.
Wake up in the morning,
We love you so much little baby.

Have you witnessed anything particularly adorable and sweet lately? A puppy? A kind gesture from a friend or significant other? A movie?

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  1. Kind gesture: the church's council president and his wife came to mow our lawn after church Sunday because they knew Adam was gone all week at the youth gathering and I couldn't mow it with the two kids and they didn't want him to have to mow when he got home. What a gift!

    Adorable moment: seeing Benen being completely absorbed by watching his older sister and giving belly laughs when she plays with him. Ahhh siblings!