30 Days Inspired: Day 26

Day 26: Summer has arrived (very nearly) in Chicago! Today was a most-delightful Saturday. I went to the Farmer's Market with my pal Maggie this morning. It was our first trip to the 61st Street Market. VERY GREAT PRODUCE! I am really looking forward to gobbling up all sorts of veggies throughout the week ahead.

I have no idea why I never paid attention to Farmer's Markets until this year. Maybe because I was so busy eating Ramen. It turns out, eating locally is actually quite terrific! Then Maggie and I learned about a terrific little coffee shop just around the corner so we had some tasty chilled beverages.

It was a wonderful morning. The rest of the day was spent: 1) preparing for the upcoming interview and 2) soaking up dangerous rays of sun at the lake.

I hope you are having a highly-magnificent weekend. Here are some pictures - one is of the veggie tents and the other is of beautiful Maggie outside the coffee shop.

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