Life lately

Hello friends.
What a very full season of life it has been!
Some highlights since 2019 began....

  • participated in the Border Immersion Experience in El Paso and Las Cruces with Border Servant Corps
  • Visited Napa and Sonoma with Justin
  • Started a new treatment program for my ITP (That has led me to a current Nplate dose that is just 5% of what I use to get every week! So close to an injection-free life and remission!)
  • Led a women's retreat at Gethsemane Lutheran Church in Hopkins
  • Pulpit supplied for a few months at Homestead Methodist Church
  • Was nominated as a candidate for bishop in January
  • Attended a Lilly School of Fundraising course in Indianapolis
  • Annual Lenten column series for the Post-Bulletin (this year with a special twist!)
  • Celebrated my sister-in-law by attending her defense for her PhD in Ames at Iowa State! Way to go, Sister!
  • Led a couple Boundaries workshops for the synod
  • Began a one-year leadership training program called SHAPE
  • Served as a confirmation mentor during the season of Lent at Zumbro
  • Presented for the April Rochester Chamber Women's Roundtable on "Incorporating Spiritual Practices into Daily Life"
  • Iowa Easter weekend
  • Preached at St. Olaf College
  • Celebrated Megan and Jeremy's Wedding in Dubuque 
  • Planned the 2019 Spring Communications Workshop
  • Celebrated Mother's Day with our moms in Forrestville
  • Participated in 3 Discernment Events with the other 6 nominees for bishop at different locations around the synod
  • Attended niece Sophia's dance recital in Iowa
  • Ran a half-marathon in mid-May
  • Technical production manager for 2019 Synod Assembly with an outstanding tech crew
  • Participated as a nominee for bishop during the 2019 Synod Assembly
  • Final staff retreat
  • Began the #summeroffun on June 2 (goal: time in the garden, time with friends, new deck furniture)
  • Celebrated my 36th birthday in Clear Lake, Iowa with Josh, Sweta, Justin, Mom and Bob
What a very full and glorious season it has been. 


This has been the most spiritually formative and exhausting season of my life. We're now a few weeks into what Justin and I are calling the "Summer of Fun," and I'm grateful! It's taking me a bit to really "relax" and trust that it's okay to live in a time of unknowns. I'm learning that actually the unknowns are a kind of gift. 

I'm hoping to get back into regular writing and photography (with my real camera). And maybe some typewriter time (and a return to last year's "Summer of Stillness"). 

Thank you for your friendship! 

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