Greetings after a two month blog hiatus

This amazing quilt was part of the Good Earth Village live auction in October.
We got it! We love it, and Finn does, too. 

Well, it sure has been a minute! 
Two months since my last post?! 
Where has the time gone? 
This autumn is zooming by so quickly. 

Some highlights from September to today...
  • September highlights: 
    • Alex's birthday party in Iowa! Happy 35th to Alex! 
    • Sarah and Jon's wedding in Iowa
    • Book group: LOVE THESE LADIES!
    • Facilitating a boundaries workshop for work
    • Visiting Josh and Sweta in Iowa: Bro and sis, love you so much! 
  • October highlights: 
    • Walking with friends around Silver Lake
    • Elle and Evan's wedding in Asheville
    • A week in North Carolina with my hubby: What a vacay! So great. Fell in love with NC!
    • Staff retreat in Nisswa: Oh, dearest team. So much gratitude for these gems. 
    • Good Earth Village Gala
    • Installation of a pastor, pulpit supplying and all kinds of cool work projects
    • Gave a speech on restorative justice for the Rochester Rotary Club
    • Denver, IA Saturday to celebrate Nancy's birthday
    • Creation of the "We Matter Mavens" habits group that will be meeting monthly (my November goal is to get to the gym 8 times)
    • Halloween fun with Alex and hubby at Forager
    • Community healing service at the synagogue in town 
  • November highlights so far: 
    • Hefe Rojo with Justin, Byron and Lois
    • Time with friends
    • Walks at the RAC & Silver Lake
    • Pulpit supply at Hosanna for All Saints
    • Funeral home visit with the 9th grade confirmation kids from Zumbro
    • 2018 Fall Theological Conference: "Dismantling White Supremacy: Building Beloved Community" - by far my favorite Theo Conf ever...amazing speakers, courage-building collegiality, spiritually engaging...THANK YOU, HOLY SPIRIT!
Vocational highlights: I'm really grateful for my job and my team and the people and congregations we serve. The election of a bishop is coming up at the end of May. There has been a lot of interesting and meaningful work involved in getting the people of our synod engaged in the process. The whole staff is co-terminus with Bishop Delzer so that means we all turn in our resignations when his term ends, and then it is up to the new bishop to discern if she/he/they would like to bring us back onto staff. Personally, it has been a period of discernment. I love serving in my current role, but I also feel quite open to whatever new possibilities the Holy Spirit is cooking up. My first call in Stewartville was extremely formative and impactful, this role has also been formative and impactful, and I trust that whatever is ahead will be awesome! 

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